Health & Wellness Programs at Berkeley Hall

Fitness Evaluation
Our fitness evaluation consists of a comprehensive, one hour detailed look at both aspects of health and fitness. Our one-on-one testing is done in a confidential, state-of-the-art testing room. In the health segment of the testing, we will be closely looking at your medical history, including surgeries, injuries, medications, blood pressure, resting heart rate and postural analysis. During the fitness testing, we will be screening cardiovascular, muscular endurance, strength, body composition, physical imbalances and nutritional profiles. Our goal is to provide each member with a specific program built for his/her needs.

Personal Training
Working with the results from the fitness evaluation, our exercise physiologists will guide you through a private exercise session designed to meet the needs of each individual member. Each session will be one-on-one, and will send you off with a feeling of energy and confidence. Sessions can be scheduled as 30 or 60 minutes with one of the staff exercise physiologists or trainers.

FitPrint by Biotonix
The FitPrint is a web-based assessment tool that objectively and accurately evaluates body asymetries or weaknesses related to an individuals’ posture. Based on the FitPrint assessment, personalized corrective exercise programs are devised to address the identified weaknesses. Biotonix is the leading provider of non-invasive biomechanical systems for assessing posural deviations, musculoskeletal impacts and providing exercise-based remediation. The product concept grew out of the idea that if an athlete worked to build a strong, stable core and foundation, with good posture, not only would the risk of injury be reduced, but training could be optimized to achieve top physical performance more rapidly and with less effort. Initially, the product was used to evaluate and provide customized exercise programs to Olympic contenders, followed by professional athletes such as Mario Lemieux of the NHL Pittsburgh Penguins and John Smoltz, NBL Pitcher for the Atlanta Braves.

Titlist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Training
This type of training includes the implementation of a personalized exercise program consisting of golf performance drills, functional exercises and general strength and conditioning built primarily for a specific individual. A main focus is placed on advanced physical screens for golfers, power routines, power physical screens and the most recent technology available in golf swing biomechanics.

Body Gem Metabolic Assessment
This hand-held device measures oxygen comsumption to determine an individual’s caloric needs. With a simple breath test of 10 minutes or less, an individual can now have their unique metabolism measured, for determination of a personalized calorie budget.